About Us

AJK Contracting was established in 1995 after purchasing a small sand yard on the banks of the Pioneer River which is still here today. The Business has grown from 1 employee in 1995 to 30 staff currently employed. Throughout the years the business has diversified from only supplying sand to the local Mackay District but to supplying sand, soils, mulches (can be coloured), compost, river and decorative pebbles, to Plant Hire and Contract rate work to Mackay and surrounding areas.

Very early in business AJK saw the need for the development of recycling services of both organic and waste inert materials. This has led to the development of a facility at Talty Road for the acceptance of the inert materials for the making of recycled road base, fill materials and drainage gravels for reuse in driveways, roads, building pads, retaining walls etc. With the use of the recycled materials for the Earthworks and Plant Hire side of the business, it has allowed us to keep prices at a reasonable cost without the need to rely on a third party for the supply of materials.

There is also a need for the recycling of organic materials namely green waste. For the last 8 years AJK has been collecting, grinding and composting green waste as part of our Contract with the Mackay Regional Council. All these products and more can be purchased from our yard or just call for prices.

AJK also prides itself in the ability to react quickly to any emergency situation, for example March 2010, 3 hrs after Cyclone Ului we were working with Council to have Green Waste Stations opened for the clean up. We also worked with NQBP in repairing the damaged Breakwaters at Mackay Harbour. This does not limit us to emergency situations just in the Mackay area, in 2011 when Cyclone Yasi hit Townsville all necessary equipment was mobilized to help with the clean up of North Queensland.

AJK is dedicated to assist the Mackay and surrounding areas with there projects big or small!