AJK HumiSoil®

Improve the health of your soil while feeding plants sustainably 

AJK Contracting provides a sustainable solution for local government, businesses, and the public in the management of organic wastes and compost products. We are driven by the prospect of offering a more environmentally friendly fertilizer to the agricultural and horticultural sectors in the Mackay, Isaac, Whitsunday region and beyond, in a bid to reduce the impacts of fertilizer run off. We also aim to improve our region’s soil quality for generations to come through our quality compost product – AJK HumiSoil®.

What is AJK HumiSoil®?

AJK HumiSoil® is made from 100% organic materials and it is a soil amendment product suitable for agricultural, horticultural and land rehabilitation applications. As opposed to traditional fertilizers, HumiSoil® improves the health of soil and has high water retention capability. It’s currently the only HumiSoil® product in Queensland to meet an unrestricted use classification containing biosolids – collected daily from the water and waste treatment plants right here in Mackay.


Once the bio-solids are collected, they are mixed with other organic materials such as green waste and wood waste, which is then inoculated with a biological accelerant that stimulates the composting process. Each batch is tarped and monitored for 26 weeks to allow the bugs to do their work.

Benefits of AJK HumiSoil®

The health and safety of our community is important to us

The health and safety of our community is important to us. In accordance with the required standards, environmental permits and guidelines, all batches of AJK HumiSoil® undergo a rigorous suite of testing. Samples are sent away for analysis to ensure the product meets strict human health and environmental standards.